All the information on the internet did not get me ready for the hostel journey that was before me now. I often wonder if this was the right path that I should be on at this time. Of course it is!!!!!

Then I realize that this is the only choice I have due to my circumstances. Finding the time, or should I say the right time at this point to work from home can be stressful for anyone, with the situation that I find myself in at this time. Looking out for those around me at home that I love to the most.

Who knows which way to go if you are new to internet marketing. I have learned to hate the word newbie! Seems to be a selling point these days.From going to building homes to working off of the computer is a total different world for me. I always wonder which way to go and whom to follow or even trust at this point! So much information overload out there to be taken in these days. I seem to find myself jumping through one hole to into another and looking in all the wrong places. So it seems!

From affiliate marketing to tee shirts on face book or going to the next system that will allow you to work from home. No doubt they all will  allow you to work from home, but what would be the quickest and smartest way to get started I am always asking myself.

I find all the research that I can and dig and dig just to get overwhelmed by it all, finding myself just to jump on the next product released to be able to work from home  that anyone can do, or so they will tell you, including grandma whom probably knows more about internet marketing than I.

With all the downloads on my hard drive it can become so confusing that frustration seems to be your only friend. Or at least I let my mind think that at times. Just when I do get in the right mindset it seems to be short lived for a little while and then its starts  all over again.

I keep on telling myself that all those people who are making a great living online are no more smarter than I and I see everyone making a good income from home. Fear sets in and then I start thinking  that I am not smart enough to get it figured out after all!

I take another deep and shallow breath and tell myself to throw away the fear and stop letting it haunt me only to wake up and do it all over again the next day. Sometimes with more confidence than I had the day before. I know this is achievable because I see it happening everyday. Just not to me yet!

I know that it will happen! I just hope I can hold on long enough and start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And there his light at the end of the tunnel and I will find it!






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